Best pop-punk band: honeychain”

— LA Weekly Best of L.A. Music 2019

Think 90s acts such as Letters to Cleo and Veruca Salt and mix them up with The Muffs along with a dash of Blondie and you are not too far off the mark”

— Punk Rock Theory

Mixing crunchy guitars, sweet melodies, and soaring harmonies with Burton's emotional vocals and clever, often acidic lyrics”

— Faster and Louder

honeychain = power trio from Los Angeles. A mix of alternative rock, high-energy power pop-punk, and a bit of garage-rock swagger.


FUTURA (EP, 2013)

CRUSHED (LP, 2017) - Vinyl on Screaming Apple Records (Germany)

GO AWAY - (45 single) - Jarama 45RPM Records (Spain) - COMING SUMMER 2019

Compilations (cover songs):

I'm On Fire - Dwight Twilley Band Tribute Compilation ( Zero Hour Records, 2013)

This Year's Girl - Beyond Belief - A Tribute to Elvis Costello (Spyderpop Records, 2014)

Going Through Your Purse (Material Issue) - Neon Maniacs (Girlsville, Nerve Centre Records, 2017)


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hi res press photo Loye, Hillary, Andre