LA Weekly Best of L.A. Music - Best Pop/Punk Band + recent mini-tour + new single


First off, it is not lost on us how cool it is to have 'Best Pop/Punk Band' bestowed upon us by the L.A. Weekly in their Best of L.A. Music edition that was published this week. We are also super appreciative of the fact that none other than Falling James was the one to write an article about our band.  

Please check it out here: LA WEEKLY BEST OF L.A. MUSIC - honeychain 

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So a bit of an update on stuff that's been going on with honeychain lately:  

 First off, last weekend we had the most amazing time playing shows in Arizona at Chopper Johns, Bullhead City at Lazy Harry's (on the Colorado River no less) and then our fave in DTLA, The Redwood Bar, with some amazing bands: GODSPEEDBALL (Phoenix), The Touchies (San Diego), and Sector 7-G (Las Vegas). It's no surprise our mutual love with our West Coast BFFs The Touchies, but we quickly all bonded and all the bands were not only amazing on stage, but super cool and supportive and rad off stage and we formed a pretty epic tribe comprised of four power trios! So much so that the minute we got home, we all started plotting on how we can get back out on the road together late summer/early fall. Stay Tuned!  

We are super excited to announce that we have a single coming out on JARAMA 45 RPM Records (Spain) this summer. It's a single from the (yet to be named) new album we are working on. The single is titled 'GO AWAY' and its new tune we've played live a few times. The b-side is our cover of 'GOIN' THROUGH YOUR PURSE' by Material Issue. We've loved that song for quite some time and it's been our set closer for, forever it seems.  

Now on to the new record, we have probably half of the songs tracked, at least the basics (drums, bass and first guitar tracks). I think I've recorded most of the guitars and vocals on a few of those..... our goal is still to have the album done and released this year. There is probably one song left to finish writing. It's a fast one called 'Pocket Full of Good Luck" and I'm about 75% done. 

This is the first Blog. I thought Blog-A-Rama-Ding-Dong has a nice ring to it. 

xoxox H i l l ar y xoxoxox

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